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* Our QML apps being:
* Our QML apps being:
:* luna-next-cardshell itself
:* FirstUse
:* FirstUse
:* Browser
:* Browser
:* Phone
:* Phone
:* webos-keyboard
:* webos-keyboard

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How to get started as a developer?

QML Apps

We have various apps and components written in QML. By using stub data you'll be able to use most of them on a desktop for agile development :)

What you will need:

  • Qt 5.4 or up and Qt Creator (included with Qt which can be downloaded from http://www.qt.io/download-open-source/) or installed on Linux using one of these commands:
    Ubuntu <15.04 (Vivid Vervet)/Debian
    You will need to download the version direct from Qt at http://www.qt.io/download-open-source/ The versions included in the system repositories are too old.
    Ubuntu >=15.04 (Vivid Vervet) (untested and may need to be changed a bit)
    sudo apt-get install qtcreator qtdeclarative5-private-dev qtbase5-private-dev qtdeclarative5-qtmultimedia-plugin # Due to the way Qt is packaged, we also need to install some dependencies.
    yum install qt-creator
    emerge dev-qt/qt-creator
  • lune-next-cardshell (This acts as both the system shell and a library of components)
    1. git clone https://github.com/webOS-ports/luna-next-cardshell.git
  • luneos-components (This is our shared library of components used across various QML apps and can be found at https://github.com/webOS-ports/luneos-components)
    1. git clone https://github.com/webOS-ports/luneos-components.git
    2. Open the luneos-components.pro file in Qt Creator.
    3. Under Projects (on the left side), go to the Build tab (should be the default) and change the following settings:
      1. Deactivate Shadow Build.
      2. For the qmake build steps, click on Details to expand the edit area.
      3. Set Additional Arguments to:
    4. Now, under the Run tab at the top:
      1. Set Executable to
      2. Set Additional Arguments to
        -l modules -l test/imports examples/gallery/main.qml
      3. Under Run Environment, click Details to expand the settings.
      4. Add a setting called
        and give it a value of
  • Our QML apps being:
  • luna-next-cardshell itself
  • FirstUse
  • Browser
  • Phone
  • webos-keyboard