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This pages describes the ongoing work on creating a Media Indexer solution for the LuneOS project. We aim to have an indexer that populates the db8 kinds so they are compatible with legacy db8 kinds. This way we can make sure that legacy apps using Media Indexer will remain functioning. For example when sideloading the legacy app, but also 3rd party apps written in Enyo 1/2.


We're going to create a single service solution rather than using three different services as legacy webOS did. Furthermore the idea is to write the full service as node.js service.

The service has the following tasks to do:

  • watch specific directories for files added/changed/removed
  • gather media information about the different files found (ID3 tags, Exif information, ...)
  • save all media files as entry in the db8 database

The following node.js modules might be needed: