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Branches in webos-ports for of meta-webos:

 every branch is rebased on the one above
 master - upstream revision we're using as base
 webOS-ports/sent-upstream - commits sent in some pull-request waiting to be applied
 webOS-ports/newer-layers - commits needed for newer layers (oe-core, meta-oe)
 webOS-ports/rejected-upstream - commits sent in some pull-request before, which got rejected, but are still valid for us
 webOS-ports/specific - commits specific for webos-ports or waiting to be sent in some pull-request
 webOS-ports/master-next - resulting branch containing all above
 webOS-ports/master - used in webOS-ports builds, usually the same as webOS-ports/master-next, but can be different when newer webOS-ports/master-next is being tested

Changes in webOS-ports/master: sent-upstream <poem> pick ffc67b2 webos-image: add missing pieces to support to support selecting an alternative to dropbear pick ea692db webos-image: pull dropbear through ssh-server-dropbear image feature pick e651094 task-webos-extended: remove dropbear pick cf40d71 luna-sysmgr: install platform-specific icon layout config pick 1bac9b1 browserserver: add patch to fix build for 64bit target pick 004ee29 npapi-headers: disable do_compile to fix npapi-headers staging headers to HOME

pick 65ec447 webos: add P_V for webos-connman-adapter </poem> newer-layers <poem> pick 4daf0b8 task-webos-extended: add RPROVIDES/RREPLACES/RCONFLICTS to replace task-webos-core pick d079746 task*: rename to packagegroup to match oe-core pick dd791e6 packagegroup: add RPROVIDES/RREPLACES/RCONFLICTS for upgrade path from task-* recipes pick faa075e packagegroup: inherit packagegroup and drop PACKAGES and ALLOW_EMPTY settings pick 5b5ef54 webos*conf: use packagegroup-* names instead of task-* pick 687acb6 webos-image.bbclass: use packagegroup-* names instead of task-* pick a1a8f1c bbclasses, recipes: use 4 spaces in python tasks pick 7e8f4fb nodejs: inherit from pythonnative to compile pick f577b0a dhcp: rename bbappend to match new version from oe-core and use PRINC pick bf895b9 busybox: rename bbappend to match new version from oe-core and use PRINC and update defconfig pick 776eb25 webos.conf: drop P_V_linux-yocto: use default 3.4 now pick 1ed9fe4 iproute2: rename as we have a newer version in meta-oe pick 553dcb9 luna-sysmgr: use 4 spaces instead of tabs in python tasks pick 87559c3 libtinyxml: drop, now in meta-oe </poem> rejected-upstream <poem> pick 156a815 webkit: completely drop all machine-specific things pick b1f9b0c webos: define DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE path with separate directory for each MACHINE pick 2262512 webkit-webos: drop wrong test for gold </poem> webos-ports specific <poem> pick 0149a2e orc: introduce changes related to orc from HP/Palm's meta-oe pick abb2717 distro: webos: change PREFERRED_PROVIDER_jpeg to libjpeg-turbo pick b170498 webos-image: add debug-tweaks to zap root password pick e359b4e nyx-modules: add udev to DEPENDS pick 4616fff nodejs: provide native version pick 1914768 webos-preferred-versions: add versions for webappmanager and luna-sysmgr-common pick 98ba2c1 webappmanager: add dependency on luna-sysmgr-common library pick 6499046 webappmanager: add dependency on serviceinstaller and bump PR </poem>

Changes above webOS-ports/master:

switch from qmake-webos-native to qt4-native <poem> pick 9401b44 webos-preferred-versions: add preferred versions for qt4-native pick 6d594a8 qt4-native: add bbappend to provide tools with -palm suffix pick e86ade9 qmake-webos-native: replace broken recipe in meta-webos with qt4-native pick a54b90b qmake-webos-native: drop </poem>

wip fixes for qt4-native <poem> pick e59bb14 webkit-webos: pass spec to qmake and inherit qmake2 </poem>

switch from qt4-webos to qt4-embedded bbappend <poem> pick 5a6bca0 webos-preferred-versions: add preferred versions for qt4-embedded pick 495a83d packagegroup-webos-extended: don't rdepend on qt4-webos directly pick 4a06596 qt4-embedded: use our own repo with all fixes included pick 6b7c6b1 qt4-embedded: add flags from qconfig-palm.h pick 26b9c79 qt4-embedded: disable QT_KEYPAD_NAVIGATION pick cc55aff qt4-embedded: disable tools, examples and demos pick a8c66e1 qt4-webos: drop </poem>