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Other Porting Efforts

Target Homepage Repository Status Developer
Nook Color http://penkia.blogspot.com/2012/10/open-webos-on-nook-color.html https://github.com/penk/luna-sysmgr working graphics with GPU accelerated, touch screen, wifi and keypad penk
Nexus S Stroughtonsmith
Transformer Prime Stroughtonsmith
HTC Tattoo jumoit
Acer IconiaTab A500 https://github.com/Tofee/webos-ports-setup/wiki/WebOS-Ports-Build-Setup-for-A500-IconiaTab https://github.com/Tofee working graphics with GPU accelerated, touch screen OK, wifi OK Tofe
Raspberry Pi 2 https://github.com/Andolamin/meta-rpi-luneos https://github.com/Andolamin working graphics with partial GPU acceleration, touch screen OK, wifi OK Andolamin