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Right layers and branches/revs are always defined in webos-ports/webos/layers.txt and mcf is calling simplified (+layerman) script to checkout/update them.

We're using mcf but in simplified form too, it does not use git submodules, but normal checkouts (managed by layerman). And we've removed options to enable/disable layers (one setup to rule them all). I would also change build layout, because separate BUILD-machine dir is not needed and one tmpdir is more effective - sharing native and cross builds. Each machine has separate sysroot in it so no problem with this.

Current (as of right now 27th October 2012) it looks like this:

  • bitbake/oe-core/meta-oe are using master with locked revision (compatible with danny/yocto-v1.3 release).
  • changes in our meta-webos fork are described here MetaWebosCommits

There are currently the following repositories needed to build webos-ports:

  • openembedded-core
  • meta-openembedded/meta-oe
  • meta-webos
    • The layer from the Open webOS project
  • meta-webos-ports
    • Layer with additions for meta-webos needed for webos-ports
  • meta-smartphone/meta-samsung
    • Hardware support for the gnex device
  • meta-smartphone/meta-fso
  • meta-smartphone/meta-android

Each of this will have a webos-ports/master branch if there are additional commits which are not upstream yet. If there is no webos-ports/master branch the master branch should be used. The master branch will always track the upstream master branch!

Layer description


This layers contains the recipes needed for openwebos. This is the original repository from the openwebos project with some additional changes which should go upstream in the near future.


This layer contains several additions to meta-webos which can not go into meta-webos as they are specific for the webos-ports project.