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cd /boot
cd /boot
ln -sf uImage-2.6.35-palm-tenderloin uImage.LuneOS
ln -sf uImage-2.6.35-palm-tenderloin uImage.webOS
ls -l
ls -l

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Preparing your device & installation instructions

These instructions will guide you on how to create a dual boot on your TouchPad with webOS 3.0.x and LuneOS.

Prerequisites: You need to have Novacom/Novaterm installed on your machine. These are included in the PDK/SDK for example. Most of the links on the HP sites are no longer working, but you can still get them using the links provided in this topic on WebOSNation or at Open WebOS Project.

1. Create an ext3fs lvm partition of at least 1GB (use Tailor or Meta-Doctor to achieve this). It must be named ext3fs ! Tailor automatically uses this name for an ext3 partition. You can also create the ext3fs partition manually by following this guide.

The following steps you need to do on your local PC

2. Download the latest Moboot (0.3.8) with filename moboot_038-tenderloin.zip

3. Unpack moboot_038-tenderloin.zip and you will have a file called uImage.moboot_0.3.8

4. Download the kernel (uImage) and add it to the boot partition as uImage.LuneOS and either symlink it to uImage or use Moboot. Follow the instruction below when using Moboot:

At this stage you have the following 2 files in a local folder/directory on your pc: uImage.moboot_0.3.8 and uImage

- Boot into webOS (make sure to have Developer Mode enabled!)

- Run novaterm

mount -o remount,rw /boot

cd /boot

rm uImage


You should now be back at your command prompt on the OS (Linux, Windows, Mac OS) on your PC. In case you don't get returned to your command prompt, you can always open another one! From here run the following commands:

(You need to make sure you can run novacom from the folder with uImage.moboot_0.3.8 and uImage (in Windows you need to add the folder/directory with Novacom to your PATH variable, instructions for this can be found here). Another solution is to copy the 2 files uImage.moboot_0.3.8 and uImage to the folder where your Novacom is located.

novacom put file://boot/uImage.LuneOS < uImage

novacom put file://boot/uImage < uImage.moboot_0.3.8


cd /boot

ln -sf uImage-2.6.35-palm-tenderloin uImage.webOS

ls -l

Output should look like: Moboot.png

5. Download the image, copy it to the USB drive (/media/internal) and extract it into the new partition by issuing the following commands (using Novaterm or Command Line in WebOSQuickInstall) :

mount -o remount,rw /

mkdir /media/ext3fs && mount /dev/store/ext3fs /media/ext3fs

cd /media/internal

tar xzf webos-ports-dev-image-tenderloin.tar.gz -C /media/ext3fs

Reinstalling the image

Sometimes it might be necessary to reinstall the image, in order to do so follow these steps (using Novaterm or Command Line in WebOSQuickInstall):

mount -o remount,rw /

mkdir -p /media/ext3fs && mount /dev/store/ext3fs /media/ext3fs

rm -rf /media/ext3fs/*

cd /media/internal

tar xzf webos-ports-dev-image-tenderloin.tar.gz -C /media/ext3fs

In case you also want to replace the kernel you need to do the following steps as well: mount -o remount,rw /boot

On your PC issue the following command in the directory where your uImage is located: novacom put file://boot/uImage.LuneOS < uImage