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This is my outline! Lots more to come! :)

link to novacom install
download file per dev's instructions
make a note of where your browser put the file
  create directory if necessary
open xterm/terminal.app
cd ~/Download
check md5sum (need mac: /sbin/md5 LunaSysMgr & linux /usr/bin/md5sum commands)
install with novacom
novacom run -- file:///sbin/stop LunaSysMgr
novacom run file://bin/mount -- -o remount,rw /
novacom put file:///usr/bin/LunaSysMgr < ./LunaSysMgr
novacom run file://bin/mount -- -o remount,ro /
novacom run -- file:///sbin/reboot

rwhitby sez best recovery method is palm-install the recovery ipk downloaded manually

Notes and Assumptions

  • You are downloading files to your default download directory, ~/Downloads, using your browser.
  • "~" is Unix/Linux shorthand for the location of your home directory.
  • "%" represents the command prompt in your terminal window.
  • The commands you can cut and paste are in bold.


How to Recover

  1. Download the stock Palm LunaSysMgr 3.0.5-3 to your computer. This is the same recovery package that you can install with Preware, but if something goes really wrong, you're not going to have Preware.
  2. Check the MD5 sum of the ipkg, which should match this: 20501828cc5b29200a0a3feaf8535dd4
    • Linux
      % cd ~/Downloads
      % md5sum org.webosports.palm-lunasysmgr_3.0.5-3_arm.ipk
    • OS X
      % cd ~/Downloads
      % md5 org.webosports.palm-lunasysmgr_3.0.5-3_arm.ipk

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