Testing LunaCE

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Notes and Assumptions (in no particular order)

  • You have at least skimmed WebOS Internals' Basic Linux Use page.
  • You are using your browser to download files to your default download directory, ~/Downloads.
  • "~" is Unix/Linux shorthand for the location of your home directory.
  • "%" represents the command prompt in your terminal window.
  • The commands you are to cut and paste are in bold.
  • Unless you're intending to try being a developer yourself, you don't need to install VirtualBox.


  • Computer running Ubuntu Linux or Mac OS X
  • 'Developer Mode' enabled on your TouchPad (How To Enable Developer Mode)
  • Install the appropriate versions of the Palm SDK-PDK (you will need this if you have to recover) and novacom on your computer (the novacom install is on the SDK-PDK install page).
  • Install Save/Restore from Preware on your TouchPad and set it to back up your app data daily.
  • Check that the Palm Backup app backups are "on" and that your data is being backed up to their servers daily.
  • Donate to webos-internals. Yes, right now. We'll wait :)

How to Recover

  1. Download the stock Palm LunaSysMgr 3.0.5-3 to your computer. This is the same recovery package that you can install with Preware, but if something goes really wrong, you won't be able to run Preware.
  2. Open a terminal window (Linux) or Terminal.app (OS X).
  3. Using that window, go to your downloads directory and check the MD5sum (fingerprint) of the ipkg, which should match this string: 20501828cc5b29200a0a3feaf8535dd4
    • for Linux type
      % md5sum ~/Downloads/org.webosports.palm-lunasysmgr_3.0.5-3_arm.ipk
    • for OS X type
      % md5 ~/Downloads/org.webosports.palm-lunasysmgr_3.0.5-3_arm.ipk
  4. If the fingerprint strings do not match, something may have gone wrong. Delete the file you just downloaded and download another copy. If they still don't match, let the developer you're working with know and/or send a PM via the webOS Nation forums to member lagoldste.
  5. If it's not still connected from doing the install, connect your TouchPad via USB to your computer
  6. From your TouchPad, when the connection is detected, just tap 'Close' in the notification window.
  7. To install the stock ipkg and reboot your TouchPad, go back to your terminal window and type:
    % /usr/local/bin/palm-install ~/Downloads/org.webosports.palm-lunasysmgr_3.0.5-3_arm.ipk
    % novacom run -- file:///sbin/reboot
  • If your TouchPad is still borked, it's probably time for thewebOS Doctor.

Installing a LunaSysMgr pre-alpha test binary

  1. Before you do anything else:
    1. Run a Save/Restore backup.
    2. Run a Palm Backup app backup.
    3. Connect your TouchPad to your computer, put it in USB mode, and copy the entire USB drive folder to your computer.
download file per dev's instructions
install with novacom
novacom run -- file:///sbin/stop LunaSysMgr
novacom run file://bin/mount -- -o remount,rw /
novacom put file:///usr/bin/LunaSysMgr < ./LunaSysMgr
novacom run file://bin/mount -- -o remount,ro /
novacom run -- file:///sbin/reboot