Testing LunaCE

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This is my outline! Lots more to come! :)

link to novacom install
download file per dev's instructions
make a note of where your browser put the file
  create directory if necessary
open xterm/terminal.app
cd ~/Download
check md5sum (need mac: /usr/bin/md5 LunaSysMgr & linux commands)
install with novacom
novacom run -- file:///sbin/stop LunaSysMgr
novacom run file://bin/mount -- -o remount,rw /
novacom run file://bin/cp /usr/bin/LunaSysMgr /media/internal/LunaSysMgr-3.0.5
novacom put file:///usr/bin/LunaSysMgr < ./LunaSysMgr
novacom run file://bin/mount -- -o remount,ro /
novacom run -- file:///sbin/reboot

rwhitby sez best recovery method is palm-install the recovery ipk downloaded manually