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This is a Work in Progress

WOCE Self-Contained Development Environment


The WOCE SDE uses Vagrant and Virtualbox to create a self-contained development and build environment for use on Windows, OSX and Linux Hosts.

Our goal is to create a consistent setup for developers so that if there are issues with development we can know that we all are singing off the same sheet of music.


Minimum Requirements

x86 based computer running Windows(XP minimum), OSX(10.5 minimum) or Linux(32bit or 64bit).

Enough resources to allot:

  • 1 "Virtual CPU"
  • 1GB "Virtual RAM"
  • 20GB "Virtual HD"


1. From your development host go to Vagrant Downloads and download the latest version for your host.

2. From your development host go to Virtualbox Downloads and download the latest version for your host.



This section is a work in progress

Setting up NFS


1. Open /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.nfsd.plist (requires superuser)

2. Scroll down to the line that reads '<string>/sbin/nfsd</string>

3. Add a new line below it that reads <string>-N</string>

4. Save the file, close it

5. Open /etc/exports for editing (requires superuser)

6. Add the following:

/path/to/shared/dir -mapall=501

7. Save and close it

8. Open Terminal.app and run the following:

sudo nfsd enable

sudo nfsd checkexports

showmount -e

If successful, your share's path should be printed to stout.


1. Run 'sudo nano /etc/fstab' (or use whatever editor you like)

2. Modify the bottom line, replacing /PATH/TO/HOST/SHARE with the location of woce-build on your host machine

3. Save and close the stab

4. Run 'sudo mount /srv/share' (Subject to change if using the host's WOCE folder)