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Right layers and branches/revs are always defined in webos-ports-setup/conf/layers.txt. Currently we're using dylan release, master is sometimes updated to test newer stuff in upstream layers (but not very often tested on target).

Layerman will take care of checkouting right layers with right revisions - just type make update if you want newer.

Current (as of right now 7th August 2013) we're using this set of layers:

  • changes in our meta-webos fork (meta-webos-ports repository) are described here MetaWebosCommits


  • bitbake,1.18
  • oe-core,webOS-ports/dylan
  • meta-oe,dylan
  • meta-qt5,master
  • meta-smartphone,webOS-ports/dylan
  • meta-webos-backports,master
  • meta-webos-ports,dylan

webos-ports-setup/master (this will be renamed when new oe-core 1.5 is released - master always tracks master in upstream layers)

  • bitbake,master
  • oe-core,webOS-ports/master
  • meta-oe,master
  • meta-qt5,master
  • meta-smartphone,webOS-ports/master
  • meta-webos-ports,master

Branch name prefixed with 'webOS-ports/', means we're modifying some upstream repository. webOS-ports/danny also means that this modification is compatible with danny branches and also indicates that this branch is sometimes rebased on danny branch in upstream repository.

Where to push changes: meta-webos-ports: danny branch and ask me to rebase master (until we all move to dylan release - after that we'll push to dylan first and backport only fixes to danny branch) meta-smartphone: please try to push all changes to danny *and* shr (compatible with master) branches. meta-smartphone/shr is merged to meta-smartphone/master (when there isn't explicit dependency on other shr branche) and after that webOS-ports/master is rebased from meta-smartphone/master. If some change isn't pushed to "shr" branch, then there is a risk that we'll forget to forward-port that change when moving to dylan release. oe-core: usually both webOS-ports/danny, webOS-ports/master if applies