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This page contains a list of apps that we need converted from Mojo to Enyo2. If you begin work on an app, please add your username and a link to it's git repository in the relevant section.


In order to maintain consistent styling, all submissions are encouraged to maintain a consistent visual style and code layout.

A webOS Ports app template (based on Bootplate) is available at webos-ports-template on Github

Apps should use org.webosports.app.<name> as their app ID, as these will be shipped as core applications.

Also, the following resources are supplied for reference:

webos-lib, an enyo2 library designed to assist in writing apps for Open webOS devices:

webos-lib on Github

more-arrangers, an extended set of fancy cross-platform panel arrangers:

more-arrangers on Github

WebOS Ports' Enyo2 Memos rewrite:


WebOS Ports' Enyo2 Settings rewrite:


When making the applications functional and plumbing in the various required services, you'll probably want a working example of existing code. For this purpose, links will be provided in the relevant application sections. It is preferred that the UI code be completely new, so please try to avoid using the original sources for reference in that sense.

Also, feel free to drop by #webos-ports on Libera IRC



Preware should be our primary focus for this hackathon, as it's the primary method for getting applications onto devices.

Original source:

Preware on Github

Assignee: Garfonso - see https://github.com/Garfonso/preware-enyo2


Govnah would be useful to have available, but instead of an application it would be preferred that an enyo panel be created that can be plugged into the settings application. Existing examples can be found at the following links:

Date & Time Panel

Exhibition Panel

Screen & Lock Panel

Wi-Fi Panel

Original source:

Govnah on Github


File Manager

WebOS needs a file manager by default- a significant hole in other mobile OSes. Internalz Pro is a good example for existing webOS devices.

Assignee: Jan Thiemen - see https://github.com/webOS-ports/org.webosports.app.filemanager/


As there's no novacom debugging solution yet, having lumberjack ported to Enyo2 would be very useful for further application development and on-device debugging.

Original source:

Lumberjack on Github

Assignee: lukegb


We plan to integrate tweaks using the existing tweaks services, but in the form of a panel that plugs into the settings app. Existing examples can be found at the following links:

Date & Time Panel

Exhibition Panel

Screen & Lock Panel

Wi-Fi Panel

Original Source:

Tweaks on Github



Contributions to webos-lib are also welcome, please issue them as pull requests against webos-lib on Github