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Thank you for reading this article. This will guide you on how best to present your bug report so that it gets addressed as soon as possible. Here are a few guiding principles that lead to success in getting bugs fixed:

Before filing any hardware related reports on issues.webos-ports.org, please update your build to the latest build from build.webos-ports.org to ensure that your bug report has not already been resolved by the developers.

Please do not quote Wikipedia and other non-primary resource information as fact on issues.

Is it a bug?

Determine if the bug is really a bug

You should not file a bug if you are:

  • Requesting support: there are a multitude of ways you can get help using webOS ports, such as the #webos-ports channel on the Libera IRC server.
  • Discussing features and existing policy: this belongs to the IRC channel.
  • Filing a bug against a program not provided by an webOS-Ports package: You should file a bug in that program's bug tracking interface. Instructions are generally available on the program's web site.

Reporting the bug

Browse to https://github.com/webOS-ports/luneos-testing/issues and decide where the bug belongs. Once you open a bug report please make sure it contains the following information

  • Name of the device
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Direct link to build

If it will be useful, please also provide a screen shot.


Based on the Ubuntu Bug Reporting Guideline