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This is a place holder for the LuneOS user manual.

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There is currently no link to this manual (as it has no content yet).

An Introduction to LuneOS

LuneOS is a modern operating system for mobile devices. It is largely a port of webOS, which was partially Open-sourced by Hewlett Packard in 2012, but useful parts of other open-source projects have been incorporated in addition to original code and features.

Notable features of webOS were a card-based interface, 'Just-type' universal search and 'synergy' which combined multiple online accounts (email & PIM data) into single view apps. webOS also pioneered the concept of the web-app, allowing apps easily written in HTML and javascript to access the device hardware.

LuneOS is named after the original webOS system manager. Apps are primarily created using the Enyo javascript framework. As a volunteer project, webOS Ports can offer no deadlines for releases, but stable versions of development are offered on an approximately monthly basis. The software should be considered to be of alpha quality as features and functionality are still being added.

This wiki is a work in progress, offering information for developers and users of LuneOS. A listing of all the pages on this wiki can be found here:"

(possible categories for a short contents section: 'project administration', 'OS architecture', 'repository layout' & 'how to contribute' plus a link to the 'all pages' 'User manual')

LuneOS Devices

A list of devices for which LuneOS is available is here: